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Website Support Maintenance Button on KeyboardIf your company doesn’t have in-house expertise in Kent, WA, you can still keep your website in tip-top shape by purchasing a website maintenance package from a talented organization like Connect Digital Data. We also offer WordPress hosting packages, anti-virus protection, website back-ups, and security and updates services for our clients. There are several benefits that will accrue to your company when you take advantage of a website maintenance package like those we offer, and these are significant enough that it would be worth your while to consider the idea.

Benefits of a website maintenance package

  • Some of the best interests of having expert professionals provide regular maintenance to your website include the following:
    Peace of mind – when you have a monthly maintenance package, it will relieve you of most of the stress that comes from wondering if today is the day your system goes down, and you lose priceless business time
  • Regular updates – when any WordPress updates are issued, we will apply these for you so that your system stays current, and you are protected against all the latest security threats. You’ll also have all the most recent functionality enhancements which you can take advantage of.
  • Security protection – security is a major issue online these days, and if a hacker targets your system, it could spell disaster. We’ll install security protection for you so that you’re as prepared as possible to resist all these threats.
  • Fast hosting – if you opt for our hosting package, your site will be optimized so that it operates smoothly and very quickly. That means you won’t lose visitors who might abandon a website when content loads too slowly.
  • Regular back-ups – your business-critical data will be protected by off-site back-ups, so you’ll always have recent data that can be restored in the event of any data corruption or criminal attack.
  • Personal contact – when you contact us for support, you can always count on talking to a human rather than a robot. We make sure to become personally involved whenever there’s an issue, so you know we’re working to resolve it as quickly as possible.

Who we are

At Connect Digital Data, we are professionals who simply love what we’re doing. That means we are dedicated to providing the very best services to our fellow community members in the region around Kent, WA. Our staff includes experts on WordPress development and design, as well as infrastructure personnel who are well-acquainted with the essential concepts of WordPress hosting, and providing outstanding value to our clients. We also have specialists who are proficient in web design and security measures, so we have talented individuals to cover most areas of online computing these days.
Contact us today if you have need of a website maintenance package, or if you are looking for WordPress website hosting. We feel confident that you’ll be 100% satisfied with our services, as practically all of our clients are. We look forward to having you in our extended family and becoming your go-to WordPress support specialist.

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