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Probably one of the most popular buzzwords surrounding website design is search engine optimization, and the reason for this is understandable. SEO is a process that is ultimately responsible for getting your website ranked highly by search engines so that Internet searchers are presented with your site URL when they’re using various keywords to find things online. However, SEO includes a lot more than just matching keywords on your website with the search terms used by Internet searchers, and if you don’t know the specific processes involved under the SEO umbrella, your site is likely to suffer in popularity.

How we optimize your with SEO

We are web designers who have some extremely knowledgeable and skilled staff members who stay abreast of all the latest search engine algorithms and requirements so that we can implement those into the design of your website. While there is a whole slew of principles associated with the overall SEO process, we can ensure that your site makes the best use of all the following search engine requirements:

  • Keywords – we’ll brainstorm with you to make sure that each page of your website includes all the relevant keywords which convey the right information about your company, and which are likely to match up with Internet searches
  • Mobile design – if your website is not responsive and mobile-friendly, search engines will penalize you for that in the search rankings, so we make sure your site is highly responsive
  • High-quality content – search engines are always trying to return results to users that are useful, which means only high-quality content on your site should be included for display
  • Title tags – search engines analyze your title tags to find the subject matter of your website, so they can be sure of what’s included on your site
  • Meta descriptions– although meta keywords have diminished in importance, meta descriptions have not, and they are still one of the two most consulted areas of information by users
  • Backlinks – you won’t have any backlinks from other sites at launch time, but we can advise you about how to establish some because they are powerful elements for increasing your site’s ranking.

If you are located anywhere in the region around Puyallup, Graham, Sumner, or Tacoma, WA, you are right within our prime service area, and we’d like to work with you on optimizing your site for better search engine results. We’ll remove all the misinformation and de-mystify the whole process for you so that you have an understanding of what causes your site to be ranked higher. Then we’ll work with you to implement those principles for your site, so you can enjoy the benefits of a fully optimized website.

Improving your site ranking

You could have the best website in the world, but it won’t matter much if no one finds you on the Internet. The way to get your site noticed is by using search engine optimization principles that are incorporated into your site, right from the beginning. We make a point of keeping informed of all the current best practices required by search engines so that they will rank your site highly, and your website will be displayed within the first few pages of returned search results. Contact us today at Connect Digital Data to find out more about our SEO process, and what it can do for your website.

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