Local SEO Marketing

Local SEO Marketing If you haven’t heard about local SEO marketing and your company hasn’t been using it, you may be missing out on a lot of local business. ‘Near me’ local SEO refers to the practice of optimizing your site for a specific local community and for the address details of your business so that local clientele will find you when they’re looking for ‘restaurants near me’ or ‘movie theaters near me’. Basically, the optimization process allows people to learn your location and find you offline, so they can make an in-person visit to your establishment.

Making use of local search engine optimization

Even if you’re not looking to have users visit your shop personally, you’ll still probably want to attract that local audience which is in the same geographic area as your company. There are a number of ways that you can increase your local presence and attract more customers from your area, including the following:

  • mention many of the nearby towns and cities in your site’s content
  • make sure you’ve claimed your Google My Business account, and filled out all the details accurately
  • encourage reviews of your business, so others can provide positive feedback about your business
  • use social media to promote your business
  • encourage other local businesses to link to your site

What local SEO can do for you

You might be surprised at how effective local SEO can be at driving customers to your business, and there are a number of statistics that bear this out. Firstly, more than 60% of adults conduct searches for local products on their mobile devices, and 50% of adults make a physical visit to a store within one day of searching for a local product. On top of that, more than 78% of all local searches conducted on mobile devices result in purchases being made offline.

These figures are very impressive, and they show just how effective local SEO can be at making your presence known to potential customers. If you fail to make use of local SEO marketing techniques, you can be pretty sure that your rivals will not overlook the possibility, and they are the ones that will reap the benefits of providing business information to users.

If you previously didn’t think that local SEO had much impact, the statistics referenced above should help to convince you that the opposite is true. That means your site and your business should take advantage of a process which is very simple to put into practice, and which delivers some pretty impressive results. At Connect Digital Data, we can work with you to ensure that your business realizes the maximum benefit from local SEO marketing.

Your site’s local SEO marketing

If you’re located somewhere in the area around Puyallup, Graham, Sumner, or Tacoma, WA, those are the communities you’ll want to learn about your website and your business. At Connect Digital Data, we can show you how ‘near me’ local search engine optimization can reach a huge number of users in your area, so they can find your website and make use of your business services. Contact us today, so we can collaborate with you on a plan for increasing your local presence, by implementing sound principles of local search engine optimization.

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